Aastra 53i/6753i & 55i/6755i Factory Flash

Table of contents
  1. 1. Set the Boot Server
  1. Press Options
  2. Select Admin Menu
  3. Enter 22222 as the password
  4. Select Factory Default from the list of options
  5. Allow the phone to reset all configuration settings, reboot, and re-download configuration files from your server


Set the Boot Server

  1. Press the Options key, this is the Aastra A logo key below the red hangup key.
  2. Scroll down to 9. Network and press the 'Show' softkey.
  3. Enter the password: 22222 and press the 'Enter' softkey.
  4. Scroll down to 7.TFTP Server and press the 'Show' softkey.
  5. Scroll to 2. Alternate TFTP and press the 'Show' softkey.
  6. Set the IP address to <FONALITY SERVER'S INTERNAL IP> and press the 'Done' softkey
  7. Scroll to 3. Select TFTP and press the 'Show' softkey.
  8. Press the 'Change' softkey until the 'Select TFTP' option is set to 'Alternate' and press the 'Done' softkey
  9. Keep pressing the 'Done' Softkey until you are presented with the 'Are you sure you wish to restart the phone?' and press the 'Restart' softkey.
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