Your Voicemail PIN is used for checking your voicemail or changing your greeting for your extension when accessing voicemail from the phone.  This article will explain what you can do if you lost or need to set your Voicemail PIN.  

What is my Extensions' Voicemail password?

For increased security the Fonality Voicemail System is provisioned with randomized passwords.  Direct customers are sent an email containing password information and all customers have access to update voicemail passwords using the web admin interface.  

If you have lost or need to reset your password and you are not the PBX administrator but know your web user name and password you can login to your panel and change your password there.  If you do not know either your Voicemail PIN or web username and password, please see your administrator or reseller.

How do I reset or change my Voicemail Password?

Changing your PIN from your phone.

If you already know the voicemail PIN and would like to change it from the phone then follow these three simple steps:

  1. Login to the mailbox voicemail system by dialing 8500 from your phone.
  2. Press 0 for mailbox options
  3. Press 5 to change your Voicemail PIN

Using the Web User Panel

If you lost your Voicemail PIN for your extension or need to change it you can use your web user panel to change your Voicemail PIN.  

  1. Login to using your Web Username and Web Password
  2. Click on Voicemail
  3. Scroll down to Voicemail Settings and enter your new
    PIN code in the box next to Voicemail Password
  4. Click Save Settings


Using the Web Administrator Panel 

If you are the administrator the PBX then you can login to the web admin panel with your PBX adminitrator login information and set any extension's voicemail PIN on the server.

  1. Click on Extensions
  2. Click on whichever extension you wish to edit
  3. Enter a new PIN code in the box next to Voicemail Password












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