What is a Smart Jack?

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A smart jack terminates a PRI/T1 at your office.  The carrier designates everything connected to the 'inside' of the smart jack as the 'local loop', and all 'local loop' equipment typically falls under the customer's umbrella of responsibility.

When you first order a T1/PRI, the carrier technician connects the PRI circuit to the smart jack (pictured below):


In the image above, all of the lights are green indicating a successful two-way signal between the carrier's facilities and the smart jack.  If any of the lights above are red you will not be able to make any calls using your PRI.

Please take the following action:


  1. Contact your carrier and ascertain your circuit's configuration settings.  You need to know the framing, encoding, signalling, and switchtype.  Please read How do I configure a PRI? for more information.
  2. Click on Options --> cards and review the current configuration of your PRI card.  If any of the settings listed on the cards page does not match the configuration received from your carrier, update the appropriate settings and save your new configuration.
  3. Make some test calls to ensure your circuit is operating normally.  If you still cannot make any calls, please continue to Step 4. 
  4. Contact your carrier and ask them to perform a loop-back test to the smart jack in order to make sure the equipment is functioning properly.
  5. If the loop-back test returns clean (absolutely zero errors), then please contact Fonality in order to run a loop back test on your server's PRI card.  This test will take a minimum of four hours.  Please plan accordingly.


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