T1/E1/PRI/BRI Turn-up Request

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If you are installing a new circuit or moving your office to a new location and using your existing circuit, please contact Fonality at least 3 days in advance of your circuit turn-up so that we can schedule a Technician to work with you and your carrier during the actual turn-up.

Submit a Ticket (How to: Submit Fonality Support Tickets) to contact Fonality Support, and please write the following information within your ticket:

  1. Your Carrier's Name
  2. The Type of circuit (PRI, T1, E1, BRI, etc...)
  3. Framing (if known)
  4. Encoding (if known)
  5. Signalling (if known)
  6. Switchtype (if known)
  7. A technical contact at the carrier that Fonality can call in order to gather the answers to 2 - 6 in case you don't know the details
  8. Is this a straight connection from a DMarc or SmartJack, or is there some kind of IAD, ADtran, or other kind of device that sits in between and is splitting out the circuit as a PRI?
    1. Good sign you have one of the above: you have a Flex T1, or any other kind
      of service where data and voice come over the same PRI circuit.
    2. If you answered yes to #8 above, ask your carrier if your setup requires a T1 Cross-over Cable.
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