Running the Dell Diagnostics from CD

Creating the Dell Diagnostics CD 

If you do not have the Dell Diagnostics CD on hand, you will need to creat one, please follow the steps below:

Your computer MUST have a CD-RW drive and you MUST insert a blank CD-RW into the drive to continue!

  • Open your web browser and go to:
  • Enter your Dell server's Service Tag Number (You can locate the Service Tag Number on a sticker on your Dell server)
  • After entering the Service Tag Number, you should be brought to a Drivers and Downloads page where you can refine your results.
  • In Operating System, please select: Not Applicable
  • In Category, please select: Diagnostics


  • Click DOWNLOAD next to the Dell Diagnostics Utility
  • Your browser will prompt you to save an DELL_32-BIT-DIAGNOSTICS_....exe file on your computer. Click on save
  • Locate this exe file on your computer and run it.
  • When the installation is finished, you should automatically see this screen:


  • Your computer MUST have a CD-RW drive and you MUST insert a blank CD-RW into the drive to continue!
  • Click on "create a bootable CD" button
  • Select your CD-RW drive and let the program burn the ISO




Running the Dell Diagnostics CD

  • Insert the ISO you just created above into the Dell's server's CD-Rom drive.

  • Restart the server.
  • When you see the Dell logo on the screen, press F11 immediately (this will bring you to the boot menu)
  • Select "boot from CD-ROM drive" from the boot menu (see screen shot and press enter


  • The server will then boot from your Dell Diagnostics CD and bring up the screen below:


Running the Full (Ddgui) test

  • Type 2 (at the screen prompt above) and press enter. 


  • If you have a USB mouse plugged in, click on the Extended Test. If you just have a keyboard, use the keyboard's arrow and enter keys to select the Extended Test.
  • The Test will run and take about 30 minutes to complete.



  • If the test found any errors, it will prompt you, click on okay, then take a screen shot of the error logs.

Running the memory test

  • To run the memory test, enter 1 (Mpmemory diagnostics) at the Cusotmer Diagnostics Menu


  • At the prompt for the number of loops, enter 5 (5 loops are usually sufficent to catch most problems). Use a higher number if your server's problem occurs infrequently.
  • Wait for the test to finish.



  • You'll see the prompt "Strike a key when ready". Press a key and you'll get a list of errors (if any) from the memory test. Please take a screen shot of the test results.



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