How do I check or administer my voicemail remotely?

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You must have an available line in order to check your voicemail remotely.  Ergo, if you only have one line into your system and someone is using it for a call, you cannot call in and check your voicemail. 

If you did not modify the default Main menu option 6, use the instructions below:

  1. Dial the main number for your business (that rings to your auto attendant menu)
  2. Press 6 (this is 'check voice mail by default' - you can modify this at any time)
  3. Dial the extension + #
  4. Dial the pin code + #

You can assign the "check-voicemail" function to any keypress, but if you do not have any key assigned to "check-voicemail" you can use the steps below:

  1. Create a new virtual extension via the Extensions --> add extension page (be sure to disable the voicemail on this extension)
  2. Forward the new extension to 8500 (this is a Fonality-reserved extension for voice mail access - it cannot be changed)
  3. Dial the main number for your business (that rings to your auto attendant menu)
  4. Dial the extension you created in Step #1
  5. Dial the extension + #
  6. Dial the pin code + #

Why can't I just dial 8500?

8500 is an internal extension, which means it is not accessible to outside callers.  Fonality made the decision to interanlize this extension because enabling the extension would create a 3 second delay in any submenu with a Key Press option 8 configured.

If your submenu has a Key Press 8 configured, and a caller presses 8 within the submenu, the system must wait for 3 seconds for additional input before executing the Key Press.  The system doesn't know if the caller is trying to execute Key Press 8 or if they are trying to dial an 8XXX extension. 

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