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28 Jan 2015

27 Jan 2015

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Fonality Employees Only/Sales Engineers/Technical Resources/TNG Worldwide Customizations21:20nnovelli90 words added, 12 words removed #

26 Jan 2015

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  HUD15:59cbrickner7 words added, 3 words removed; page display name changed to 'HUD Desktop' #
 Compliancy moved to TroubleshootingFAQ/Compliancy15:57cbrickner 

22 Jan 2015

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  User:awinston22:01awinstonpage created, 8 words added
Professional Installations/Fonality Enterprise Record-All21:56dmaccarterAdded auto-delete setup instructions; 269 words added #

20 Jan 2015

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  HUD Mobile 201422:03tstankus?removed 'Release_Notes_External_V1.pdf'
  TroubleshootingFAQ/Troubleshooting(old)/Virtual extension vs. Voicemail-only extension20:43cdunlap2 words added, 6 words removed #
IP Phones/Remote Phones17:44dmaccarterEmphasized and moved information regarding remote phone config workaround. In addition to update of a few minutes ago: Added t...emote phones losing the "x" after the server ID, screenshot, at Brian Colsell's suggestion; 29 words added, 31 words removed #
TroubleshootingFAQ/FaxLync15:55bpriceadded 'Fonality FaxLync.pdf'

15 Jan 2015

13 Jan 2015

12 Jan 2015

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HUD Mobile 2014/HUD Mobile 2013 legacy18:41dmaccarterAdded link to current article on latest version of HUDmobile (similar).; 11 words added #
HUD Mobile 201417:33dmaccarterUpdated port requirements, corrected minor typo, linked to port forwarding for premise-based servers.; 35 words added #
  The Control Panel forwarding and security considerations17:27dmaccarterClarified on-site vs. hosted ports, emphasized port numbers that we've observed customers overlooking during installs.; 230 words added, 32 words removed #

9 Jan 2015

6 Jan 2015

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  Click to Dial/Click to Dial FAQ/Number Format Recognition21:48bpricepage created, 83 words added

5 Jan 2015

31 Dec 2014

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Click to Dial/Known Issues & Troubleshooting moved to Click to Dial/Known Issues & Troubleshooting - Click to Dial19:31dmaccarter 

29 Dec 2014

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Connect/International Calling Rates21:58phassoldno wording changes #
Fonality Employees Only/Sales Engineers/Technical Resources/TNG Worldwide Customizations21:15nnovellino wording changes #
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