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19 Dec 2014

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Click to Dial/Known Issues moved to Click to Dial/Known Issues & Troubleshooting01:11dmaccarter 
  The Control Panel forwarding and security considerations00:33dmaccarterWhitelisting tip - determining what VoIP provider IP address to whitelist.; 71 words added #

16 Dec 2014

15 Dec 2014

12 Dec 2014

8 Dec 2014

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  Connect/User Training23:20dmaccarterClarified that although one may find that one can dial without a "9" for outside numbers, contrary to our directions, it may result in duplicated call logs and difficulty calling certain area codes.; 76 words added #
  The Control Panel Plan/How do I change my dial out prefix?23:05dmaccarterNoted that this only applies to dedicated/on-site servers. Connect/shared servers (at this writing) typically aren't offered outside the continental North America.; 13 words added #

5 Dec 2014

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  HUD Mobile 201421:28tstankus?page restriction set to Semi-Public
IP Phones/Remote Phones20:53dmaccarterAdded screenshot showing where to add the "x" on Yealink phones.; 47 words added, 3 words removed #
  IP Phones/Interdigit Timout20:18bprice99 words added #
  The Control Panel forwarding and security considerations20:06dmaccarterAdded 5060 TCP for HUDmobile softphone (coming soon).; 26 words added #

4 Dec 2014

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  IP Phones/Remote Phones19:31dmaccarterAdded Yealink remote phone setup directions.; 323 words added #
HUD Mobile 201417:49tstankus?37 words added #
IP Phones/Softphone/How to perform an Attended Transfer02:12phassold1 words added #

1 Dec 2014

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Fonality Employees Only/Professional Installations/Professional Services Menu/Enterprise Record-all20:50phassoldpage restriction set to Semi-Public
HUD Mobile 201416:10bpricepage restriction set to Private
  Report Scheduler 201415:11tstankus?added 'Fonality Report Scheduler User Guide V2.pdf'

25 Nov 2014

24 Nov 2014

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  Report Scheduler 201415:52bpriceFonality has been added as viewer

21 Nov 2014

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Report Scheduler 201420:24tstankus?added 'Updated Report Appearance_v2.pdf'

18 Nov 2014

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  Report Scheduler 201423:35tstankus?rsavino has been added as contributor
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