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17 Apr 2014

14 Apr 2014

10 Apr 2014

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  Installation/Fonality Installation Guide00:38dmaccarterCleared up some of the initial steps, especially setting a static IP (modernized - go via the web admin panel) and the DNS requirements (improved Domain Controller directions); 656 words added, 360 words removed #

9 Apr 2014

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  Fonality Employees Only/Sales Engineers/Customer Success Worksheet16:53phassoldpage restriction set to Semi-Public

4 Apr 2014

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User:hombiga/FSCK error: server unable to complete boot sequence19:54hombigamcastillo has been revoked as viewer, mong has been revoked as viewer

3 Apr 2014

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  Fonality Employees Only/Sales Engineers/Network Setup for FiOS with TV service22:30phassold1 words added, 1 words removed #
  The Control Panel an E1 - How do I?19:10dmaccarterChanged TDMV_DCHAN to 16 to reflect current wanpipe drivers on Asterisk 1.6.; 17 words added, 1 words removed #

2 Apr 2014

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  IP Phones/Setting the Boot Server20:06dmaccarterAdded yealink server config links; 19 words added #

1 Apr 2014

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  User:phassold/Codec Bandwidth Usage16:18phassoldpage display name changed to 'Codec/Call Bandwidth Usage - Concurrent Calls' #

31 Mar 2014

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Resellers/Customer Success Worksheet20:56phassoldpage restriction set to Semi-Public
  The Control Panel an E1 - How do I?16:58dmaccarterSome useful reference information added, linking to the Sangoma wiki. Added table of contents, and headers to each section to make it easier to keep track of where one is.; 132 words added #

29 Mar 2014

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How do I... ?/Configure RV180w or 220w00:37davidbrown7 words added #

27 Mar 2014

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  Fonality Employees Only/Sales Engineers/ screen pop (non-UAE)15:42phassoldpage restriction set to Semi-Public

26 Mar 2014

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  User:sgonzalvez15:56sgonzalvezpage created, 8 words added

24 Mar 2014

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  TroubleshootingFAQ/Connect/Troubleshooting/Enabling Queue Ignore-if-busy setting15:51davidbrownpage created, 149 words added

19 Mar 2014

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  IP Phones/Quick Reference Guides17:06dmaccarterAdded tags: cheat sheet.
  The Control Panel forwarding and security considerations16:39dmaccarterNo current usage of 10000-30000 on our current configuration - RTP.conf specifies 10000-20000. Remote carriers may use a wider range, but that does not affect the customer or the PBX itself.; 1 words added, 1 words removed #

18 Mar 2014

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User:phassold/Sonicwall Configuration14:28phassold1 words added, 1 words removed #

17 Mar 2014

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  User:mgarza18:06mgarzapage created, 8 words added

12 Mar 2014

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  TroubleshootingFAQ/Troubleshooting(old)/How to: Integrate with Click-to-Call23:03phassold60 words added, 1 words removed #
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