How do I manually configure my phone's IP settings?

If your DHCP server does not assign the PBXtra 's Internal IP Address as the Primary DNS, you may need to manually set the Primary DNS Server on each of your IP Phones.

NOTE: Manually setting the Primary DNS Server for a phone requires that the phone use a static ip address instead of DHCP.  The preferred approach to DNS is to configure your DHCP server to assign the PBXtra 's IP Address as the Primary DNS server automatically.

You will find the instructions for each type of IP Phone that Fonality supports below:

Aastra 480i

  1. Press Options (below the orange 'Goodbye' key)
  2. Scroll down to Network
  3. Press 22222 as the password
  4. Press the Enter key on the LCD
  5. Press Show for option #1 DHCP
  6. Press Change until 'no' displays
  7. Press Done
  8. Scroll to IP Address
  9. Press Show
  10. Set the new, static IP Address
  11. Press Done
  12. Scroll to Subnet Mask
  13. Press Show
  14. Set the new, static Subnet Mask
  15. Press Done
  16. Scroll to Gateway
  17. Press Show
  18. Set the new, static Gateway
  19. Press Done
  20. Scroll down to DNS
  21. Press Show
  22. Enter the PBXtra 's Internal IP Address using the * key on the phone to represent a period '.'
  23. Press Done until your phone requests a reboot

Aastra 57i

  1. Press Options
  2. Scroll to Administrator Menu
  3. Press 22222 as the password
  4. Scroll to Network Settings
  5. Scroll to DHCP
  6. Disable DHCP
  7. Set a static IP Address
  8. Set a static Subnet Mask
  9. Set a static Gateway
  10. Set the Primary DNS equal to the Internal IP Address of your PBXtra

Polycom 501, 601, 550, 650

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press Settings
  3. Press Advanced
  4. Enter the Admin Password 456
  5. Press Admin Settings
  6. Press Network Configuration
  7. Disable DHCP
  8. Set the following:
    1. Phone IP
    2. Subnet Mask
    3. IP Gateway
    4. DNS Server (use the IP address of your PBXtra )
    5. DNS Alt. Server (use the IP address of your PBXtra )
    6. SNTP Address (for time)
  9. Scroll up to Server Menu and select it
  10. Set the Server Type to TFTP
  11. Set the Server Address to the IP of your PBXtra
  12. Press Exit until the phone prompts you to Save and Reboot
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